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Today I was getting my nails done and I looked over at my neighbor and she had awful corns on her toes and I thought to myself, I can help her get rid of those and there you have it….a new blog post was born. LOL But seriously, I got corns after years of wearing […]

The Ultimate Hack for Pretty Feet

Have you ever had one of those ultra violet lights put on your face at the spa or esthetician’s office? The first time I did it – it freaked me out. I thought I was doomed with sun damage that was irreversible, but I was wrong. I mean really wrong.  Most sun damage is surface […]

Peels: Putting your Best Face Forward

Let me share with you a simple encounter that totally changed my life! Here’s the beginning of my journey to Staying Pretty Forever (SPF). When I was 19 I met my former mother in-law, Linda, she was this ‘hottie’ – she was a petite, blond bombshell with boss babe confidence, a knock-out figure and a […]

How my obsession with skincare and all things “anti-aging” started

Do this for an instant glow! Do you have a date? Work event? Girls trip? Follow this simple at-home-regimen and see an instant glow in your skin.   Here’s what you’ll need to have: 1. Twinkle Razor – Shave your face. Yes you heard that right, shave your face…but don’t use a regular razor use […]

Instant Glow Recipe

  “Less is More,” is the key to creating elegance and long lasting maintainable results.  When it comes to skin care I truly believe Less is More tho, and in today’s world this is such a hard thing to stay intentional about. We are bombarded with products and procedures, some great, some are total BS. […]

Less is More