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Be serious about leveling up and being the person, you need to be to attract what you want. You cannot expect more if you don’t become more. When you level up …. that’s where the magic happens. It starts with you.   Where do you need to level up? I’ll go first. I am working […]

Are you Ready to Level Up?

I love talking about money!! Your relationship with and knowledge of it is either attracting it to you or repelling it from you. The good news is you can make as much money as you want. There are no limits. There is tons and tons of money in the world that’s available for you. The […]

Let’s Talk about Money!!

I heard something over the weekend that I wanted to share with all of you.  So much of feeling and looking your best comes from your internal feelings and sometimes those are so hard to control and understand especially when they are negative, anxious, or sad emotions. It is so normal to feel down or […]

Depression vs. Anxiety

If you have not heard of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie you have to add to your circle of influence.   Seriously, I had never heard of this book until I started hanging around successful people and this book changed my life and apparently changed the lives of […]

BOOK REVIEW: This will transform your relationships

You can slather on all the skin care in the world and get every procedure known to man but it won’t matter if you don’t deal with your mindset.   This is not something that most people talk about and honestly most people want the outside fix and avoid the real game changer and that […]

Being Open Minded is “Anti-Aging”

The very nature of the word “Balance” is that all things are even. Right? When a scale is balanced the same weight is on both sides. But in life when people talk about creating balance, the conversation is typically around prioritizing.  But the very nature and definition of prioritizing is that something comes first and […]

What no one told you about “having a balanced life”