My Daily Routine



We have all heard that your results live in your Daily Routine. There is no truer statement.

This also applies to your skin and how it ages.  The intentional consistency of your daily routine will give you your best skin ‘if’ you use the right ingredients.  You can’t just put anything on your face and expect to see results. You have to use products that are ‘active’ which means they are actually working on your skin, when they penetrate your skin they are doing a job.

We all have the same basic skin goals.

  • Glowing Skin that reflects light and looks fresh
  • Skin free of hyper-pigmenation
  • Skin free of blemishes
  • Supple skin that looks youthful and plump
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Your daily routine is the way to your skin goals.

“You must be committed to sun protection. I say SPF stands for Stay Pretty Forever.”

The most important part of this routine is your Sun Protection. My esthetician told me if you aren’t going to be committed to sun protection you should throw your products in the trash because you will be always going in reverse, fighting an uphill battle.  It is the sun protection that makes it all ‘stay’ – SPF, Stay Pretty Forever.

Here is my Skin Care Regimen. I use Skin Ceuticals products so that is what I am sharing here. In the skin care world you will hear a term “Medical Grade Products’ or Products with Active Ingredients.  This is what is important and there are other brands with great products and ingredients that are considered Medical Grade or Active.  I use SC and love it. The key is don’t skimp on your skin care products.

“What is good is not cheap and what is cheap is not good.”

My Skin Care Regimen


Gentle Cleanser by Skinceuticals

Vitamin C Serum

Hyraulonic Acid Serum

Sunscreen (my sunscreen is my daily moisturizer)


Gentle Cleanser by Skinceutricals

Resveratrol Serum

Glycolic and Retinol

  • DO NOT use Glycolic and Retinol on the same nights. Alternate Nights with this products after you apply Resveratrol
  • I do not put Retinol directly on my skin,  I mix a small amount with my moisturizer.  As you progress and your skin gets used to this routine then you can alter the method of how you apply the Retinol (still DO NOT use Glycolic and Retinol the same night).
  • Keep in mind when you start this nighttime routine your skin will ‘react’ by being more dry and flaky or ‘rashy feeling’ – Deal with it for 2-3 weeks while your skin adjusts. If you can push through you will really be on the retinol train which is the BEST thing for stimulating collagen and anti-aging skin.  IF it hurts or is crazy bad then go a night and just use moisturizer and give your skin a break. **of course if it hurts or anything then stop and consult with someone.


Retinol – Start with this strength, then graduate to this strenght of Retinol

Moisturizer – This emollience moisturizer is great to have on hand for the nights you need to baby your face as you go through the 2-3 week retinol PUSH. Also, if you have days you feel extra dry put this on before your sunscreen.

In Summary – here is my SPF routine in order of how to apply.


Gentle Cleanser

Vitamin C Serum

HA Serum

Sunscreen SPF, Stay Pretty Forever


Gentle Cleanser

Resveratrol Serum

Glycolic or Retinol (alternate nights)

Moisturizer – I use Triple Lipid 99% of the time