Five food groups managed to keep weight off!!



The five food groups managed to keep weight off. These food groups don’t need to be eliminated in my opinion, but they need to be managed and understood.

I am not a fan of eliminating. I want to have a fun life and a lot of our fun comes from food!! I am not about scarcity and dieting. It’s sofa king annoying. I am very vain though and want to look good and I also want to feel good and live a vibrant energetic life. I watched my mom get old and was so limited physically. I don’t want to be limited.

So, I learned and developed systems around managing the Evil Food Groups that make and keep us fat, tired and sick.

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Animal Products
  • Processed carbs

All these food groups eff with your gut and your inflammation and will keep you fat.

Would anyone be interested in how I view these food groups and my SPF Philosophy on how to maintain your weight and glow and have your cake and eat it too?  If so, join me at Stay Pretty Forever – Beauty and Performance – Be Unstoppable | Facebook.

I had red vines yesterday and In and Out Burger