Anti-Aging Hair is the GOAL!



Your hair can age you!! As we age our hair gets dryer and coarser (thanks gray hair and hormones) If you want to look more youthful and vibrant your hair matters. Youthful hair is shiny, soft, and silky.

Along with eating a nutrient filled diet I have a couple of tricks/products to help you keep your hair glossy and shiny in between visits to your stylist. My stylist told me the goal is to ‘seal your hair cuticle” which makes your hair shinier and silkier.

These are my three go-to products for shiny, soft, silky, youthful hair!

1) Olaplex Conditioner – my hair stylists’ instructions. Wash your hair twice and get it super clean, then towel dry it and put on the Olaplex and leave it on a minimum of 10 minutes…longer is always better and overnight is the best!! Then shampoo it out and use your regular conditioner as normal.

2) WOW by Dreamcoat. This might be the greatest hair product I have ever had. I have never been able to get a salon like blowout at home until now. This stuff is OMG!! Follow the directions. I get mine on Amazon. This is what the Kardashian’s use to get that silky hair!! It was created by their stylist, Chris Appleton. You literally can’t overdo it. It’s so good!!

3) Serum. After I blow dry and style my hair, I use a serum. It removes any ‘frizz’ and just gives a finishing coat and doesn’t feel greasy. This one pictured is pricey. You barely use any, it lasts a long time!! I have had mine for two months and barely made a dent in it. I also like the Shine/anti frizz serum from Fekkai. There’s lots of serums like this. I always recommend going with a salon level product to ensure quality and lack of buildup ingredients.