The Ultimate Hack for Pretty Feet



Today I was getting my nails done and I looked over at my neighbor and she had awful corns on her toes and I thought to myself, I can help her get rid of those and there you have it….a new blog post was born. LOL But seriously, I got corns after years of wearing high heels and they were painful and worst of all so ugly.


I hated when it came time to wear a beautiful strappy sandals or flip flops because no matter how great your pedicure is, corns just overshadow everything and really made me feel like I had old lady feet.  But I always thought once you have corns they are just there forever.


In fact if I ever asked anyone about it they always said that you’re stuck with them now. I mean they are so hard and basically seem to become a part of your toe like an extra bone or something that it can seem that your feet are ruined forever.  Well if you don’t know this about me, I don’t settle.


I was not satisfied with the answer that they are just here to stay so I kept asking and asking and looking for the answer I wanted and I found it.  I mentioned to a friend of mine and she taught me how to get rid of them and I am telling you they are GONE. I can’t believe it. I wish I had a before and after picture to show you but never thought to take a picture of those nasty corns and certainly never thought I would write a blog post about it. 


I am about to give any of you who suffer from corns the holy grail tip!! Ready?? 

This is super simple but let me tell you it takes a long time – you have to be dedicated (it took 18 plus months). Go out and buy ‘corn pads’ the ones with the hole in them – here is a link to ones I have used.



Then those corn pads go on your toes every single time you have a closed toe shoe on….EVERY single time. At first it might feel weird or for some it may be such a relief.  I was able to wear heels that I could not otherwise wear because the corns made it too painful so that was an added bonus.


If you wear these pads consistently when you have closed toed shoes on you will prevent further irritation and growth of the corn and then it will heal. My feet are literally perfect now and I no longer have to wear them when I wear closed toe shoes. It literally was such a bain to my existence and now those corns are totally gone!! I have zero remnants of them – you would never know I had them!