What no one told you about “having a balanced life”



The very nature of the word “Balance” is that all things are even.
When a scale is balanced the same weight is on both sides.

But in life when people talk about creating balance, the conversation is typically around prioritizing.  But the very nature and definition of prioritizing is that something comes first and something comes second and something is last, if that’s the case then all things aren’t even, so that is NOT balance. 

This is why so few people ever feel balanced and are always in chaos. They are in constant tug of war with the things they are doing and working on in life.

I am going to share what a mentor of mine told me many years ago. It was such an ‘aha’ moment that forever altered my life.  

What is it we are all trying to balance? …family, work, spirituality, romance, health, fun, etc.


What if I told you not one was more important than the other?

Now I know your response is that my kids are more important than work and my health is more important than romance, blah blah blah…..here is the trap….when you make one more important than the other – something gets diluted. 

Think about it: if you make a ‘list’ of what’s important to you – there is something at the top and something at the bottom….therefore one is greater than the other.


Here is the reality – they are ALL important.

If you don’t have your health, you are no good to your family or business, if you don’t have your spirituality other things suffer, if you put your family first then your health suffers – get it!!

What if instead of making a vertical list – you put everything side by side in no order and made them ALL important. 

By doing this – you will innately figure out how to get it all done and you will take the pressure off of yourself and actually be able to fit it all in. 

Starting now say “Everything is Important” and watch how you effortlessly start to fit it all in..and how your subconscious guides you to just getting it all done.