How my obsession with skincare and all things “anti-aging” started



Let me share with you a simple encounter that totally changed my life! Here’s the beginning of my journey to Staying Pretty Forever (SPF).

When I was 19 I met my former mother in-law, Linda, she was this ‘hottie’ – she was a petite, blond bombshell with boss babe confidence, a knock-out figure and a tough sass to go with it all.. She was wonderful and very intimidating all at the same time.  I had never met a woman like her before.  Her life really forced her to be focused and in control. She was a single Mom raising two boys on her own, she climbed the ladder in Corporate America on her own grit and smarts And she loved the sunshine! I never knew her without a ‘tan’.

She was always golden brown. While I aspired to become more like her as a woman and exude the confidence and work ethic she had I definitely saw the toll the sun had taken on her ‘young skin’, I remember thinking wow her skin is so ‘rough’ for her age.

At this time she was in her 40’s and while she was a super hottie, her skin looked aged and dehydrated and honestly older than the rest of her. This was in the early 90’s when you were only as knowledgeable as the people around you. There was no internet, YouTube or Instagram to learn from.  All we knew was being tan was beautiful….the more baby oil combined with sunrays the darker we got.


Linda was a sun worshiper like no other and she looked amazing doing it.


I was 19 at the time and looking at my own skin that was wrinkle free, plump and for the most part sun damage free.  I wanted to be as HOT as Linda when I grew up but with better skin so I decided to make a trip to the mall and go to the make-up counter. 

This was my only access to information in 1989.  I needed to go find someone to talk to that was knowledgeable so went to the mall and sought out what looked to be the most expensive products. I figured if they charged top dollar they must know what they are doing.I found someone at the counter and began to tell her I wanted to take care of my skin. I shared that I wanted to stay looking young, wrinkle free and I didn’t want to become ‘leathery’ as I grew older.  

The first thing she said was Sunscreen….she explained to me how important it was to wear sunscreen everyday, no matter what. This was the first time I ever related to Sunscreen as the ‘fountain of youth,’  I only wore sunscreen at the pool and that was only after I was feeling sun burnt.  I never put sunscreen on ‘before’ I layed in the sun and most certainly never put it on daily just to go to work or run errands. I never considered it to be ‘anti-aging’.

From that day forward I have put sunscreen on my face, neck, chest, arms and the back of my hands every single day without fail.  I believe it is the number one reason I have maintained great skin all these years and now combined with an intentional regimen, multiple skin coaches, incredible products and anti-aging procedures I have skin that is 20 years younger than my age. 


I know the technical name for sunscreen protection is Sun Protective Factor but I say SPF stands for Stay Pretty Forever!  



Don’t forget your sunscreen!