Less is More



“Less is More,” is the key to creating elegance and long lasting maintainable results. 

When it comes to skin care I truly believe Less is More and in today’s world this is such a hard thing to stay intentional about. We are bombarded with products and procedures, some great, some are total BS. It is so hard to decipher what we should and shouldn’t do – who we can trust.

“I am a big believer in aligning every decision you make
with your greater goal.”

This makes it easy to know what to say yes to and what to say No to. When you have already ‘decided’ how it’s going to be then you won’t get caught in the ‘emotion’ of the decision and end up going down the wrong path.

What is your greater skin goal? Today, Tomorrow and Long Term.

I would guess that most people have the same goals when it comes to skin…at least those of you who were drawn to a Blog called ‘Stay Pretty Forever’ – it’s all about gracefully anti-aging, glowing daily and not looking like a weird plastic version of yourself.  We all just want to look fresh and pretty.

If those goals resonate with you then our skin plan is your skin plan. 

Don’t over-do it – with anything…well except maybe hydration. 

1. Productspick quality medical grade ‘active’ products – don’t waste time or money using things that aren’t actively doing something to your skin. Plan your regimen and stick to it – adjust as needed. Adjustments come with doing things different at different ages, adjusting products for weather, time of year or change of climate.  What we use in a dry climate like Arizona might be different than what we use in a humid climate like Florida.

2. Procedures – don’t ever allow anyone to use anything scratchy on your face and don’t do anything super invasive…keep in mind you will be told how this, that and the other stimulates collagen – if it makes your face raw like a piece of meat I say NO – this is going to lead to disaster long term.

3. Injectables – in a world where we can literally alter our appearance we can really criticize ourselves thinking we aren’t good enough or we should look different. This is where you get in trouble…you KNOW how you don’t want to look. You have seen that ‘person’ who has done TOO much to their face. Don’t do that!! Decide right now that you want to look ‘natural’ – assuming that is what you want.  Decide now that you just want to look fresh, don’t let injectables alter your natural face. 

Trust me….staying in the lane of looking fresh
and like yourself will pay off.